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If anyone is able to translate a lyric into another language, please inbox me asap on here, Facebook Kimberley Michelle Barr, or email I will accredit you to the work and am offering linking your pages into my e- book about the project in exchange.


Facebook ;


gmail —

Instagram name — chippiekim 


If anyone might please be able to either: Pass a message to a friend who can help and let me know, translate a lyric, or check the ones which are already against the English versions please contact me ASAP   


 Translated already




17  (might be Bosnian)



English version of translated song

2. This Is The Way It Is To Grow

3. Not A Toy -

5. Time -

6. Release me -

7. Friends -

10. Don't Panic — Respond

12. Live Present -

 17. Faith In Humanity



English songs which still need translating (If possible please :) )

1.In my town

4. blisters on my feet

8. The lessons (hook)... split in two as I realise it works better as two hooks) 

9. Hook 9 -

11. Crush -

13. Take a moment

14. Best dream hook is the second half of lyric 4 as it will be better as two hooks

15. Pryaga's song

16. Lone wolf -

18. Baseline Raver

 19. Alarm Calls

20.  Fuzzie Barz

21. love song

22. Zharas song —

23. Twenty trees

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