A day later, a lifetime later. Improvisation can take MANY forms. When something vital "disappears", we must become inventive. ..and make do with whatever is at our disposal. My God is the God of perfection, absolute and, most importantly, "good enough!"


Almost forgotten

When, once before, totally engulfed

Taken to where one cannot hold on

Is nothing sacred?

I lived on spite

Kept me going through a most traumatic night

Lasting well beyond a decade

Once again, but way past

Even more frightening to comprehend

I can only pray it does not last

Much longer

Picking up nothing at all

On my GPS signal of hope

Waiting for the drop, the fall

The Enemy gladly drops a rope

Dawned slowly,

Spite requires nothing to exist

Simply, "Out of" — despite His malice

No conditions need be met

I am not willing to be a coward

For anyone's sake

No, not now, not yet!

Especially the Enemy

Leavings of the litter of lives in his wake


Like many of us, who, for whatever reason, have lost their last rays of hope

In this bash-about grip of fate

Finding myself within the very grasping hands of almost too late,

Remembered the alternative: which served so well in the past

When hanging on, goes on and on

Eventually, nothing cannot last...

Grab onto this!

Spite does a pretty good impersonation of hope

If nothing else,

I will not sacrifice my next life

Because of the seemingly sad, present excuse of this one

All its' joy, presently inaccessible

Thank Goodness I heard the sad truth young:

"Life is not fair"

For now, when all is unraveling, when

All of me coming undone

In the midst of beautiful strains, when I cannot bring myself to sing

No one is demanding that I dance,

Acceptably clinging to my only chance

A hoarse whisper of "No", to failure

Is a murmur of suffice, success

Enough to carry me to tomorrow

Even still battling the mess


Conquering dictates resourcefulness, ingenious

Tenacious adaptations are vital in coping with sorrow

Improvise! Make do...

With whatever will get you to tomorrow!

I must call on something less noble 

Better, than what I cannot "perpetrate"

What seems a crime, might be sufficiently sublime

To go forward

Replicates and will serve, until hope returns

Spite — living on

Not "succeeding"

But, I will be damned if I'll let him!

The incredible irony

When our rope is too thin

Flimsier than a wisp of smoke

In this darkness, I wander about and grope

Till your return

So VERY glad for the painful lesson learned

So young

The God of perfection is also Lord of "This will do"

How many abandon "Good Enough", holding out for nothing short of the best

When, whatever gets one through

Is the secret in this test

Abandon all rules in a fight, if you want to see Round Two.


Trust me, the Enemy is not holding back.




Copyright Pending — Elaine M. Mullen — "GreenOgress-Vol. II"    GreenOgress/Twitter


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