I remember, negatively anticipating the day ahead;rehearsing-in my mind, all that could go wrong. We become what we think, we think our way into negativity and irrelevance, exhausting precious resources, or prepare for what could become an extraordinary day, it is largely in our hands...

I remember

Negatively anticipating the day ahead

Stressed-out mornings before work


In my mind

All the traffic, jerks on the road, appointments, et cetera

Frustrating encounters

Arguments, with and without people

Incidents that "might" materialize

That usually never did

But, I was ready for them



I would rehearse what I was going to say to this one

That one

No one

Defensive strategies and such

Exhausted before even leaving the shower

I started my day already at a disadvantage

Coming from an extremely pessimistic viewpoint

I contemplated my wasted energy

And wondered if anyone else was guilty of such nonsense

Rehearsing for an absent audience

Heaven help us


It is incredible what so absurdly consumed me

Time; which would have been better spent alone with my God

Reading a devotional, scripture or praying

Quietly and serenely preparing for the day

In healthy anticipation

Wouldn't that be something!


We become what we think

We think our way into negativity and irrelevance

Exhaust precious resources on mental gibberish

Or mentally prepare for what could become an extraordinary day

It is largely in our hands


It took me years to outgrow the habit of inadvertently starting the day off poorly

I may worry and be preoccupied now and then with real concerns

But, I no longer dedicate my mornings in preparation for trouble

Each day will bring enough trouble of its' own without my help.


Copyright 2014 — Elaine M. Mullen — "Parnassus II — A Collection of Unusual Poetry"     GreenOgress/Twitter

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