Because it steps in when you least expect it and you must remember to thank the Universe...



We stood amongst our friends seemingly fine,

Yet we were around strangers, both alone.

Tear stained cheeks always hidden with humour,

And years of heartache smothered with smiles.

I wear the mask well, put on a great show,

A picture of perfection, yet you knew.


You saw it as we are made the same way,

Our pulses beat the very same rhythm,

The hunger in your heart speaks to mine too,

The wild in your eyes sparks flames in mine.


We speak in pauses and slightest smiles,

In almost touches and near-mouth kisses. 

We glance and both in silence we agree,

In one look we understand each other.


This new you I know has magic within,

Magic that has granted all I'd wished for.

You took my heart and made it whole again

At the time I thought it would never mend.


And here I am doing the same for you,

Still so amazed by this jewel we have found.

Now we stand amongst our friends, together,

Beaming with genuine love and with joy.


Thankful to Fate for stepping in that night,

When we made a vow to learn Love again.

That night where all the stars aligned,

When our paths become perfectly entwined.

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