The downtrodden beggar..



One of my all time favourites.. this poem speaks about the nature of an individual's ego...the wreckage it creates for a lifetime. This one was published in THE NEW ENGLAND POETRY JOURNAL, do cast a glance :)


like a mist through my way

an unwanted beggar,

destroying the unruly me, but you call it nature...

i fell that often, like an unheeded orphan

my time and money were not mine, because i didn’t have any 

a smile i pinned, to see in my life..

past or my present, you were unsteady all while... 

your pieces pricked me, every bit,

alter I's they were all, then the fire they lit..

a granule here of niceness, I felt relief

presence of the almighty, it was then perceived 

the epitome of trust, the light within

Unseen then, when time was but a weary sigh..

a snippet of love, like morning dew...

Like the warmth of a mother

she fed that child in her womb,

Who knew he'd grow up an asp..

And gather his own tomb!

Weary were all the ways, they disheveled my take

i was left with nothing....its now a decade long wait...


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