avoidance, acceptance, and addiction…



No one is immune to the waves of addiction.

 No one is immune to the waves of addiction.

They come and go, and we ride them to avoid facing the feelings on shore.

But we have to return to shore at some point, or we'll drown.

There are lot’s of options for us to choose from if we want to run from our pain. Some tactics are accepted with ease, while others aren’t.

Fitness addict? That’s cool. Food or alcohol addiction? what a loser…

People discriminate; addiction doesn’t.

Judgement is another form of addiction, a much relied upon avoidance tactic. Judgement distracts us from our own issues. Pettiness overrides love, which happens to be the very thing an addict is looking for…

Addicts are too distracted by fear to see the possibility of love through the fog.addiction doesn't discriminate

Addiction says you cannot handle life on your own.  It’s a constant, pessimistic, invasive reminder that you alone are not good enough. It says, “You are not powerful enough. You don’t have what it takes to thrive in this body and soul on your own. You need me to be and feel love.”

Addiction is about control.

Sensitive and empathetic people are prone to addiction. When you are born into a family with sharp peaks and unpredictable alienation, every feeling permeates your spirit. You aren’t just handling your own inherent fears, you are feeling yours AND every other family member’s individual degrees of trauma.

Who the hell wants to feel that? And what kid is born with the skills to handle themselves well in that scene?

Why wouldn’t you want to avoid the feelings that scene feeds you? You didn’t sign up for that!

Pity is addiction at play. Don’t take the pity road.

addiction is about control


Pity says because we had a hard day we deserve more of that which takes us further from ourselves. Pity delivers us into the arms of bad decisions and invariable hangovers from whatever our drug of choice may be.

Addiction convinces us that bad decisions are OK. You know, the ones we try to justify, but because our competency is compromised by our addiction, no one is supportive of…

Try telling someone in the throes of addiction that their behavior is wrong: it won’t work. That would take ownership, and how can a person take ownership of themselves when they have no idea who they are?

Addiction keeps us from seeing what’s beneath the fog.

So how can we expect to become greatness if we bury ourselves with addictions?

We can’t.

We can have all the so-called fun we want, avoiding chances and opportunities to be great, but there are consequences.  If we want to change the world, we must find ourselves among the chaos, and stop hiding. We must become that which we are.

Validate yourself. Accept the truth. Face your pain.

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