Panic Attack



My name is K. Vaughan. Between the years of 2003 and 2009, I was the front man for two separate bands in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. Phantom Limb was a garage metal band. Black Box Commission was an industrial project. I will share my new lyrics as a rogue poet here. Enjoy.

Unsung Song #1

It's a panic attack

My thoughts all fade to black

I know what I want

Yeah I want it just like that


It's a rush to the brain

I can't remember my own name

My senses go numb

I'm spinning on a shaky plain...



When I see her long legs

desire has me hurting

I feel like a chump

My gray matter isn't working


When I see her slow stride

I can't help but follow

with my eyes until she's gone

because I might not see her tomorrow


It's vertigo

How high did I go?

To the top of the sky scraper

with my forehead against the window


It's like P.T.S.D.

My mind is deceiving me

Her figure is so sleek

It's like a fantasy


(Chorus Repeat)

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