Religious horror: The only virtue left is not a virtue



A man turns up at a church service, and there is just too much going on. Not for the faint-hearted. Not for christians, either.

The only virtue left is not a virtue

She stood at the altar.

Behind her the image of the Merciful Christ.

"Take mercy."

She felt a warmth in her chest, as if something new should begin. Something new had begin. She spoke with two voices. She only had one before, this is wierd, she thought, she really did not think from that, and until after the services as she disappeared into the woods.

They always were with her, before too. The two voices: "Two before one, never three, only me and you."

She started the sermon, angry.

"I define you.
I define you Christ.

I define you.
I define you, woman

I define you.
I define you, man."

So, that was when the altar lifted about and levitated over her. Above her. She received strength, from the altar, because the altar was no longer physical, it was spiritual. All of them saw this.

"I define..
I define Christ," she spoke. But it was not her words.

She had no fault, she was a good woman, as any good woman, and as any good priest. But there was mud, there could not be mud. People reacted.

There was mud between the benches of those present, in this Nordic church. Out of the mud came dust, and out from dust came a strange bearded young man, singing:

"I look like Christ. I look like Christ.
I am Christ."

But very soon after, the mud started to pull away from around the benches, and the christ-spirit pulled away from above her, the altar wall behind her just changed.

Faces ran around the whole church really, false, invented altars, screaming faces, vile — screaming to the congregation. I do not think the priest saw it at all, but she saw the altar go back to its place. With two chalices:

"One for us and one for us, one for us and one for us."

"I define," she turned. "I define, the Christ, you shall be under my command."

I screamed where I sat, from all the things happening, I sat on the opposite bench. There was only me on the first bench on the left, and one on the right, he looked like me..

No, he had something covering his head.

He looked at me: "Why do you defy me.."

And then her, she should have been a man.

She screamed now, from the anger that came, not from her, but the man on the first bench, nobody saw his face, but he had glasses, they had fallen out, he mumbled:

"I define Christ, and human, you shall be different.

Woman, you shall find no joy in a man.
Man, you shall find no joy in a woman.

And there will not be any more children."

The man nodded to her, and her face changed with the wall, back to the beautiful picture of the Merciful Christ, and yet something was different. The crown on the painting was gone.

There were two cups on the table with wine, at the start of the service, there was only one. As under a spell the church celebrated two meals of the Lord´s supper, in a requiem and noone, noone that went to the service, remembered the initiaton words or what the priest said.

People asked themselves, why did you go to the Lord´s supper after the spirit incident. I never understood this question.

I am back.

I turned, the priest leviated, past me, saw me in the eyes: "Down, down with this anointed Christ of yours" and she flew out the front door and I believe she died as she went through the door, because nobody opened it for her, so she went out a window, but it was too small for her, and she knew. So she did not have to scream.

The congregation saw everything, and they blamed me for doing this. They told me, I was a witch, I sat on the first row. The other man, the testifier — was there still.

All went out.

"I was the last out.

I am still here.

I was the last out.

I am still here."

And the end will never come.

The only virtue left is not a virtue.

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