Belmarsh where a man is a number.





“Keep up appearances; therein lies the test

The world will give thee credit for the rest.

Outward be fair; however foul within

Sin if thou wilt, but then in secret sin.”


When you barter your soul to the Devils alter, in return for the power to judge and condemn your own kind, remember this: the Devil always collects what he is owed. We are all imperfect in our ways, yet he who has power, believes his imperfections to be perfect. “I am the law” are four words that gives a man permission to rob another of years of his life and he does so with no hesitation because he believes he is.  Who was the first man who appointed himself judge? Who believed his inclinations and proclivities would not interfere when delivering a sentence? One must not generalise, nor should one be indoctrinated by the media and the lies it spits. I have no intention to shed a negative light on judges, I am sharing a personal experience where I saw a Judge rob two men of 25 years of their lives. He showed not and ounce of remorse of guilt when delivering his appalling and biased sentence.  It's said that “Sinners” may well have a future, but it is the “saint” with a past (present and future) who robs him of it.


I came across the secret Justice keeps.

She knows I know and thus she weeps.

Once blind to bias, poor men would win

now she bathes in corruption and sin.


A last minute decision, to sit through a trial at the Old Bailey Criminal Court, has literally changed my life and values in ways I never would have expected. I believe it should be a basic human instinct to oppose the oppression wanting to expose the unlawful acts of corruption that power has generated. I saw with my eyes, legal representatives so foolish to brazenly break treaties binding to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. I heard with my ears the judge state that the jury’s verdicts only hold minimal weight, because at the end of the day “Law" in its entirety is Bevan QC! I saw a relentless, ruthless pitiful prosecutor use a defendants brothers death to try and gain his conviction. They say “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” well of course they would say that, for “Justice” began as good but is rotting from within. Justice is supposed to protect, but I saw no justice in that odious court room, nor did I see a single good intention. I saw simply the Crown Court members’ and their well earned pathway to Hell- I recall it being paved with powdered wigs.


“If society wishes to rehabilitate as well as punish wrongdoers through imprisonment,” then “society — through its lawmakers — must bear the responsibility of tempering justice with mercy. Giving a man legitimate hope is a laudable goal; giving him false hope is utterly inhuman.”


Prison is a breeding ground for vice and violence, it is a game of survival of the fittest. Prison guards should protect when they see wrong doing and should most certainly never do wrong. For those sentenced at London’s Old Bailey, it’s a trip straight to HM Prison Belmarsh, “With its high brick walls and razor wire fences, [it] houses Britain's most dangerous criminals, from murderers to terrorists to armed robbers.” One of the Judge’s “wishes” was for the defendant to fix his drug habits so to view his time in prison as rehabilitation. How is this possible in any way when it it common knowledge that drugs are supplied to inmates by the staff officials themselves!? For example, at Belmarsh, the guards have the inmate deposit money into a spouses bank account. The drug that is being circulated throughout all prisons is a synthetic cannabanoid called “spice.” They raise the price of the substance astronomically, so that they not only make a huge profit, but give the inmate a small taste of something to make their time more bearable. Once you develop a taste for something that makes hell on earth easier, you become dependent on it, who would not? But these are the people who are supposed to abide by the law and this is a facility that, like so many claim, aims to rehabilitate prisoners before their release date. If anyone labeled “criminal offender” can be thrown in Britain’s most High Risk Prison, upon release how can one expect him to have been rehabilitated in any way? 

However the severity of the crime matches the offenders conduct and there is no enforced rule whereby a violent criminal should be separated from a person who has committed a non violent crime and is by nature, not violent. These facilities are breeding grounds for the bacteria that is brutality and many men fall victim to the influence of the inmates they are exposed to on a daily basis. This becomes their view of life, prison is their world and thus they often acclimate to their surroundings; not only through the subconscious but to ensure their safety and not appear weak or a target to other inmates. It is hard to say what these “correctional facilities” actually correct. They are a box where a man who prior to entering was not violent, is be prone to assimilating by adopting behavioural patterns that lead to menacing, criminal behaviour.

The abuse of power amongst the officials within the criminal justice system has spiralled out of control and if it weren't for Projects that fight to reopen unjust cases using DNA evidence innocent men all over the world would have died. 

Watch this space because this story has not ended. 


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