Life is a rollercoaster like both crescendo and decrescendo. Where we rise we always seem to fall. To captivate this "the millions" isn't expressed as a number per say, but a quantity of units in a particular period of time.

7 million streets running parallel with each other 

perpendicular diagonal direction 

intersecting at u-turns please don’t crash dear mother 


6 million bicycles cycling in one city 

cars stop and wait for cyclists they pity 


5 million pedestrians run around aimlessly 

waiting for red to green to cross with their family 


4 million burgers sold at the local mcdonalds 

doubt they will see the clown the commercialized Mcdonalded Ronald


3 million rings sold on valentines day

for a special engagement what does she say? 


2 million people die each year

old age famine diseases all gives us a tear 


but 1 million stars twinkle away 

we can’t see all or so we all say 

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