I Feel a Need (To Be Loved)



My life as I grew up

As a child I was always a loner,

It seemed that no one liked me.

All alone, shy and free,

It wasn't such a bummer.

But I felt a need,

A need to be loved.


As I grew, it gradually got worse,

I'd sit in my bedroom thinking and looking in the mirror.

"What a curse,

I looked like something that came out of an old horror!"

I still felt a need,

A need to be loved.


Then I turned twenty and nothing had changed,

Only back then everyone was trying to set me up!

I thought that one day, maybe, my knight on a white steed,

Would come to sweep me up and leave with speed.

I felt a need,

A need to be loved.


Until that day comes however,

I will wait it seems forever.

Waiting for that someone special and kind,

The one man that would for all time be on my mind.

I felt a need,

A real need to be loved.



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