"Flushing" the essence of Phlex Sphincters' nonsense.



My first alter ego. An old alias I summon when wizardry or sorcery is needed.


 "Curse, witchcraft or spell, he knows them all well and tends to them nearly each day.
Verses and graphics of mojo and magics, suspend in a weirdly eerie hallway.
Taboo, Voodoo and secret devotions in oceans of tomes on display,
while "How To Do Juju" and "Magic Wand Motions" lay open on a desk in disarray.
 Aged Phlex Sphincter, strange effects tinker and thinker of things rather weird.
Maker of tinctures and a few double blinkers, in stinkers those with noses have feared.
Math calculations, physics notations, a planetarium mechanically geared,
but, 'shroom distillations, some herbal libations, and delirium...appear to be why he's endeared.
 Phlex now enchants Fish Pants Dance Ranch from his First Church Of What's Left Of Earth,
where he'll wreck desk and pants as he chants askance rants or a verse search for cultural worth.
Just his small parish of human and fish relish his spin of ministry and girth
because he's all garish cartoon, I embellish, in my wish for more grinning sinistery in mirth."
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