Dream Journal 3-4 JAN 17




I'm not sure what started it, but I am in an airport terminal waiting on a flight, I'm in the public waiting room, but there is a windowed private waiting room next to us.  Someone who reminds me of Gwenyth Paltrow is in there.  I'm very much so not a fan, so I hope we're not on the same flight.  We go to take off and I am standing outside of the cockpit, looking out a crew window.  I hear one of the pilots say someone has been hit and I think "Man that sucks."  Before looking back out the window and seeing the horizon around me spinning rapidly.  I know I'm dreaming because I don't feel the inertia.  From then on, I slip in and out of lucidity.  For some reason I get it in my head that we had taken off from Cairo and were somewhere over Turkey.  I realize we're going down and decided that I didn't want to me on the plane anymore.  I am instantly standing on a hilltop in a crowded city.  Then plane has crashed in the middle of the hill.  I run up to help out survivors an am blocked by local military.  I'm lucid at this point so I tell them they are ants to me.  I feel myself growing until they are less than two inches tall.  I feel the tickle of them firing their weapons at me, and one of them leans back and tosses a grenade towards me.  The grenade sticks to a marshmallow I am holding that I then use to squish two of the Soldiers.  I return to normal, but as I am shrinking I notice that the local Army is carrying survivors off by gunpoint.  I have to do something.

Next thing I see is that I have broken into a military compound where they are loading the survivors onto buses.  Two buses have left and a hand full of people are still waiting around.  I hide in this crowd of people.  They bring out an aircraft tug to pile us all on, and I start pushing Soldiers out of the way and start yelling at the survivors to join me, telling them to escape. I turn around and see my friend, Hector, wrestling away a rifle from one of the Soldiers.  We nod at each other and lead the remaining survivors to another airport waiting room.  Not sure what was going on there

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