Who knew



    Who knew Songs of hate Would ring our earstears would weld up in our eyesAnd our heartsWould be engulfed with fear What words can be saidTo make it clearFor us to believeWe have heard you in errorThat your bigotry is unrea...



Who knew

Songs of hate 
Would ring our ears
tears would weld up in our eyes
And our hearts
Would be engulfed with fear

What words can be said
To make it clear
For us to believe
We have heard you in error
your bigotry is unreal 
your support of racism is mythical 
That our eyes were blind
To the resurgence of white supremacy

Who knew
That after so many years in hiding
All they needed was you
To feel comfortable
To break their silence

Who knew 
was still that strong

Who knew
When we believed in America
We got it all wrong…

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