Almunecar flights



/ Spain

3000 years on a hill

as I walked a Midsummer

the mountain lifted it's tunic
to ride pale charger into the sea

flakes fell as slicing swords
turning rock into floats.
wafers of whitest bread
taking the shore away
to undercoat a sky
the tones of drab petticoats -
thin barriers against glass tipped
look at he under verdigris
he is an iron grey crusader
rests a white cross
this dolomite astride
a horse called Rio de Seco

displaced Emirate looks to Africa
to Damascus
to bend bronze
to worship
hand on hilt

a sword called Rio Verde

below and slow an invalid drives
electric steed pushing lottery tickets
on tourists

a punt called Sexi

dry to orange dust the valleys of Laurie Lee
where civil unrest adds small dents to the
cannonball prints of HMS Hyacinth

three stone teardrops lie where the massive fell
and I take a café con leche... domina

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