While walking to church some time ago,I was taken by this house — it had long since fallen into decrepitude & disrepair. Yard unkempt, looking forgotten. At church, I wondered about "this house"...and its' occupant...

While walking  to church this morning I was taken by

This house

It had long since fallen into decrepitude and disrepair


Mold all over the roof, fence falling down

Shades missing from the windows

And what appeared to have once been a garden

Now a huge assortment of overgrown weeds sprawling across the side yard

Encroaching upon the front, where there was a gate, which was hitched


I wondered

About this house

Was anyone living there?

How many families had it been home to?

And then it struck me,

It seemed a house, rather than a home


With no one (of late) taking care of the roof, shutters, fence or lawn

All the accoutrements of a manicured, maintained and beloved home

It looked as though it had been forgotten, a long time ago

Surrounded on all sides by beautiful houses with beautiful landscapes to match

There sat this house

A beautiful eyesore!



I could not tell.

But, it was a lovely house, even in its' fallen state

Not nondescript, but with a personality of its' own


I have always loved old, abandoned homes or farms

You know the kind

Houses that are frightening apparitions in themselves

Inhabited by who-knows-what?

The kind that adorn Halloween cards

With dusk settling and ghosts and bats flying out of the windows

And Jack-O-Lanterns on the porch

This house was a perfect Halloween card house

Perhaps fearful at night

But, beautiful during the day

And sad; provoking

It looked lonely, this house


In need of inhabitants

In want of love, care and attention

Like it was missing its' family

Or maybe was inhabited by a shut-in

Who had been forgotten also?

At church, I wondered about this house


When houses fall into this state

They are usually waiting to be torn down or sold

This house was long past that point

Looked to be a hundred years old or more


I said a silent prayer at church 

That this house

Was not home to someone

Who was as neglected as their residence.


Copyright 2014 — Elaine M. Mullen — "Parnassus — A Collection of Unusual Poetry"    www.greenogress.com

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