A Day Heard Defined!



When your children should be first priority!

Do they see me when I am not able to multiply
When I have days when I want to cry
Do they see how I comprehend I make mistakes
Picking answers overrate
Clearly has something to do with my brain
I know who I am I know my name
I go through the day slipping through the crack
Do they really have my back
Are they that concerned
Yes my mom has stress factors on how I learn
She is doing everything for me
Cooks clean and also teach
I try not to act like it does not bother me I do not like seeing her sad
Frustrated or even mad
She does all she knows how to do
What makes me happy is when she says I love you
She shows me everyday
I look at my hyperactive brother how she teaches him how to behave
He sometimes is a handful
But I know my mom she prays and are given the tools
To help us what we do not get in school
That is cool
Comforting in fact
Yes I know that my mom have our back!


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