It came back!



"Not you again!!"

Once again, K-Dog was barking at something out in the darkness. “What is it this time, Dog? What are you barking at now?” 

Walking carefully through the fresh mowed grass I was well aware that I could step in something that I rather not step in. I wished then that I had a flash light. “Hush Dog!!“  With squinted eyes and clever use of what light there was, I managed to see across the alley at a familiar outline. “Oh, It’s you again.” 

There on the neighbor’s fence I saw a nasty possum. It’s likely the one from the other night. I asked myself, “What are you going to do about that, Paw Paw?” I couldn’t shoot it. Too many things could go wrong if I did that. I shouldn’t chunk rocks at it for many of the same reasons. I couldn't reach it with my trusty hoe. We learned a couple of years ago that it is not worth the effort to call Animal Control. They won’t come. I will have to look for a possum nest in our yard in the morning. Possums are like huge rats with an extra helping of ugly. No telling what it could do to K-Dog if he decided to tangle with that nasty thing. Think of all of the diseases that critter carries!! Sure, they play dead but they don’t play dead for long. If you have one cornered and it sees that you aren’t buying that playing dead routine it would be a good idea to have the hospital on speed dial.

“You did good, K-Dog. Lets get back in the house.” He began running circles. He wanted to play. “It’s bed time Dude!” Around he comes again! “Run K-Dog! Go! Go! Go!” I hoped that I could tire him out before we went in. 

The possum made its escape while K-Dog ran and played. I hope that our little kitty cat neighbor is smart enough to stay away from it. This goofy dog may not be that smart. 


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