Her Lie



A poem from the book It's Complicated by Lynette Greenfield

Her Lie

 When the heaviness of my life darkened

I found nothing in my soul worth salvaging

Scribbles on paper, words on my surface

Blistered hands and crippled skin

Deep down here where everything echoes

Where the pain boils and spills in spite

I lay shivering for what I believed in and bled

Through my never ending fight

I am here now quiet, at the bottom, no relief

Just begging to God for something like peace

For some solace, some forgiveness, a hint of respect

A deserving “OK, I’ll help you forget”

My mother always told me to have a bit of hope

But I see none in her eyes

I became what she dread; a mirror of pain

As I am now her lie.


Copyright Lynette Greenfield

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