Suicide — So gone challenge



The so gone challange is to write a rap or song to one minute of an old Monica beat- here is mine, please have a listen or read and share if you like it :)

You can watch the rap here. As always I would very much appreciate help with translating into another language- any other language actually. ;

I'm sitting reminiscing bliss and staring at a blue sky,

Tears fall, you call, an atheist to god why?

Behind the cloud you found, never silver blue lines,

Count no blessings,

Your contemplating suicide,

Metaphorical demons, thoughts torture your insides, 

To free the signs, close, don't open up your big eyes, 

Intuition knows, still perception got you blind,

Free up the mania, rah, free up the mind, 

Life is a book everyday is a new page, 

After mind free up, heart takes center stage,

So before you pick up the pills, 

Before you slit blood and spill, 

Before you tighten the noose, 

Contemplate and make loose, 

I know your feeling inside dead and empty, 

believe I understand feeling, plenty of time for healing,  

You're love and you loved, and my heart goes out to all, 

You hit the bottom, only up, you can not fall,

Please hesitate, don't pull that trigger- it would be so wrong, 

That's all I got to say for now and now I'm so gone




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