Cocooned in your expectations, Alone and deprived of light, But all the while growing, Under the stifled cover of night...

Cocooned in your expectations
Alone and deprived of light
But all the while growing
Under the stifled cover of night

Wings still untested
Muted colors defined their length
It was just a matter of time
Before they found their strength

Not a moment too soon
And not a moment late
At just the right time, I appeared
My colors ending the debate

With wings unfurled
Twin sails carried me aloft
The walls of my prison gave way
To a breeze whose embrace was soft

I broke free from the shadow
The opinions that bent my knee
Now I paint the world
With the colors that gave birth to me

Posted May 19, 2017

Butterfly © 2017 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.


** I claim no rights to the image above. No copyright infringement intended. Original image file location here . **

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