penniless in Le Havre



on being broke in a city

Penniless in Le Havre


At the time of my nadir penniless in Le Havre in the drizzle

Saw a blue neon light of a bar I meet sailors there from my own country

They gave me cigarettes and wine, money enough to take the train home

Only among the poor do you find selfless generosity

I had a pencil, and a note block tried to collect my thought to find out what

I was thinking found out I was more educated than I expected, that is

What reading a thousand books do to you, alas I also knew my limitation

My difficulty in functioning in the world we live in.


I bought a typewriter but had no grammar what saved me from go under

Was a heart attack the authorities gave me a small pension enough

To live on and the time to learn and I have written what I wanted to say

In the process lost some friends and gained some others, but most of all

I have tried not becoming satisfied when so much I see is rotten because

When you get old, it is easy to fall into the trap of selfishness.

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