A twisted, fish-eyed angle on new anglers.



So recent I'm still grinning iridescently...:::>-=^;>


 Shenanifish! Bananafish! So you want some fish for dinner.

Blend if you wish or in a sandwich but, you'll need rod, reel and spinner.

All the gear to be cool, on your rear, every tool, going to go get you a winner.

You poor, silly fool! I hear there's a school, if you figure on this big pool grinner.


 Your cast is aghast. Your pants at half mast. There's a hole in your gas bag blown raft.

As your assets collapse, the bass and I ask, had your meds been doubled or halved?

A basket of backlash from your thrashing whiplash, the myths, fish and I looked, groaned and laughed,

when the classic synapse loss caused a lapse in your back toss and you so craftily hooked your own aft.


 Many have tried, some even lied in tales of sea creatures set free.

But any Kracken they might see or Dutchmen wave riding are features of their matinee movie.

There's so few salts still able to do charts and tables and sail this dimension of sea,

where cool, cobalt and stable soothes the hearts the fables, like Neptune, the mermaid and me...SpLaSh!

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