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Scriggler Interview series is designed to shine the spotlight at some of the more popular Scriggler contributors and to help them promote their books.

Kiersten Hall

5 Sentences about you.
+ I’m the person, in the book store/library, smelling books.  Yep, I smell books.  My Mom taught me to smell books, and I have taught my kids to smell books…  We will stand in a row and pass a book back and forth between us, smelling the pages and looking at the book.  This activity truly is considered to be a fun family outing.

+ I collect old books.  Lots of old books…  I need a bigger house just for all of my books.  Some people have a lot of shoes – I have a lot of books (I’d rather smell books than shoes.)  My oldest book is nearly 250 years old.  No one touches that book and it sits on the highest shelf and we all point at it with reverence.  One of the coolest books I have is a pocket atlas from when there were only 13 states.  One of the sweetest books I have was printed in 1895 and is simply entitled ‘Decorum.’  The book covers such topics as Courtship & Suitors, Manners, Social Expectations for a variety of engagements, Practical Knowledge (as what was considered ‘practical knowledge’ for a young lady in 1895), etc.

+ I love to learn… about EVERYTHING!  A few times in my life, people have commented I know just enough about everything to the point of being dangerous.  Also, along this line of learning everything, my Mom describes me as a chameleon; I can meld myself into any situation conversation-wise, or through action.  (Of course, all of this makes for a vivid imagination!)

+ I’m a ‘get it done’ kind of person and am certainly not afraid to make a fool out of myself – has happened several times over the past 4+ decades I’ve been on this planet.  One of my own sayings:  It's not safe to leave me to my own devices.... I start thinking. And when I start thinking, I get ideas.... And without the fear of failure, I do things.

+ Secretly, I would like to be a stand-up comedienne.  Maybe when I grow up?  Well, either a stand-up comedienne or a National Park Ranger.  It’s a toss-up, really…  I could do both by standing out in the forest and telling jokes.  The question could be, “If Kiersten tells a joke in a forest and no one was around to hear it, was it funny?”

5 Sentences about the book.

The idea for Corner Confessions came about last spring when I was thinking about all the people I had ever met over the years, and then further put thought into knowing each and everyone of them had a secret; something they have done or still do... something that makes them who they are or wished they weren't... something that makes them 'tick.'  I then combined those points with the way a lot of people tend to 'bare their souls' with hair stylists, bartenders, taxicab drivers, etc.  When I put the list of confessions together, I drew upon things that had happened to me, had happened to others I know, and things I heard/knew of which happened to people I barely knew or didn't know at all.  So, to some extent, a handful of these confessions are true but the names have been changed, obviously — the rest of them are pure fiction from my 'vivid imagination.'  Although I have this book listed as fiction, it's truly a combination of fiction and non-fiction.  Corner Confessions was a fun book to write which (hopefully) will translate into a fun book to read; I know for the people who have read it, so far, that idea seems to be holding true

How about 1 sentence for 5 characters?
1.  Iona’s confession has enough dirt on someone to put them in prison for life.
2.  Brant’s confession reveals a rift he made between his grandparents for the duration of their marriage.
3.  Patti’s confession makes the reader wonder what game she’s playing?
4.  Weston’s confession explains why he could be considered a ‘party favor.’
5.  Pete’s confession illustrates how enough guilt can lead to self-imposed blackmailing.

Why do you think people should read it?
I had a great time writing Corner Confessions!  The words flowed!  If I hadn’t had to contend with real life, I would have had this book slammed out in less than 30 days!  For me, when a piece is that easy to write and it all comes together nicely especially with a few underlying storylines/relationships/themes woven together in the background, it’s a good read whether it’s a book/article/essay/letter, etc. And did I mention fun?  The tagline alone would be enough to make me pluck it off the shelf and buy it:  ‘Everyone has a secret.  What’s yours?’  You certainly don’t see a line like that one, too often, do you? 14 people will confess their deep, dark secrets to you in Corner Confessions:  It’s fun.  It’s fast.  It’s tight.  It’s got a sequel coming out Spring of 2017.

Who is your ideal reader?
The ideal reader for Corner Confessions should be 18+ male/female, and people who appreciate a different spin on a book — especially with the topics covered.

As for my first book, “I Do”:  Of the people I personally know who have read it, both females and males ages 11 to 82 — everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  “I Do” is a memoir of my time spent as a professional wedding videographer for 15+ years (I’ve seen a lot and have many, many stories to share!)  Whether someone is married, single, or is planning on getting married — their relationship status does NOT matter — it’s a fun book for everyone!  People have told me they laughed all the way through the book!

Other authors you admire — especially contemporary. Anyone stands out in particular?
+ Erma Bombeck.  Straight up, she’s my most favorite.
+ Shel Silverstein
+ Dr. Suess
+ Tom Robbins
+ J.K. Rowling
+ Hunter S. Thompson
+ Being I crave knowledge, I tend to read a lot of educational books, historical, biographies and autobiographies, non-fiction, newspapers, maps – I’m not sure on the names of all of those authors.  Too many over the past 44 years I have been reading!

How are you approaching the promotion of the book so far?
The Kindle version came out on September 18th, and the printed version should be available by October 15th.  I use Scriggler, Amazon Kindle, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, I-Author, GoodReads, BookDaily, and any other advertising/publishing platform I can find. When I have time, I schedule Readings and/or Signings for myself through libraries, as well as holiday gift shows, and Book Conferences/Festivals.  I also sell on consignment through smaller book stores. Of course, I am always open to new ideas for getting my publications out into the world.

Cover design and editing — who did you use and how was the experience?
Chelsea Farr ~
She’s a fantastic writer which lends to being an awesome editor.  She is also very, very talented with graphic design.  She seriously has a spot-on knack for delivering a ‘tight’ product.  She’s good.  Put it this way, in everyday life, I may be lax on almost everything.  BUT, I’m an ABSOLUTE perfectionist when it comes to putting anything out into the world with my name attached to it.  Chelsea Farr has exceeded my rigorous expectations when I’m being an absolute perfectionist.  Not many people can impress me when I am in this particular mindset.  She impressed me and continues to do so.  Therefore, she is the only person with whom I work.

Print or ebook? (both in general and how do you approach this for your book?)
Both...  The way I see it is, get it out to the masses!  If I could and if it were available, I would offer books up to people as a direct download into their brains, too.  But that technology hasn’t shown up yet… or, at least not officially. I also think audio books are a great idea – especially for busy people such as myself.

If anyone is interested in doing a review — how should they approach you?

I welcome and appreciate Reviews!

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