“Set Free Forever”



From a loss in the family comes new understanding

G.S. Hague

Set Free Forever

Dedicated to my sister in law

Felicia Hague

In a meandering myriad of thoughts
My mind reflects on thee
Is there no time for words or casting of lots
To this I desire to plea

Come down from your lofty world
Visit me in this lowly place
Give me abundance completely unfurled
Time tells me there is no race

Choices I made, left me feel undone
No despair is in my heart
Each battle hard fought and won
Voices in my head tear me apart

Joy only comes from thee alone
Pain and sorrow my constant companions
This is something I’ve always known
You are the One who fills the deepest of canyons

No longer tortured in this pain riddled body
Set free forever to thee I come
It’s only joy that I truly embody
Never again will I have to succumb

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