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The internet. The land of memes and unjustified over reactions. You’ll never know who’ll be the next vine superstar or that weird guy who left a nasty comment on your favorite video . The catalyst of many social causes and the voice to so...

The internet. The land of memes and unjustified over reactions. You’ll never know who’ll be the next vine superstar or that weird guy who left a nasty comment on your favorite video . The catalyst of many social causes and the voice to some very interesting people. But how does the internet affect not only businesses but normal people trying to earn money?

As people continue to use and expand the internet, it becomes easier to spot opportunities to make money online.   People have been using the internet as a money making tool since its inception. Examples include people who have been flipping domains, offering their unique products & services or exchanging information on websites for revenue.

However people chose to make money with the internet, their success has always been dependent` on making connections with other interested people.

A lot of people see the internet and new technology in general as complicated and hard to use. I think a simple change in perspective will help alleviate this; technology just makes old methods faster and easier.

In the past businesses & salesmen would use an array of tactics; be it direct mailing, newspaper ads or advertising on the street, to find people interested in what they have to offer. From there they would try and build a human to human connection which would result in a sale.

This process has been refined and made easier by the internet. Every person you come across online is an opportunity to build a connection and offer whatever it is you have that adds value to people’s lives; in other words your product or service.

Look at how we use email now. You can talk to someone in Bangladesh from Toronto and have them respond within minutes! This is just a faster version of post.

If you go back to the 90’s phones and fax machines were cutting edge technology. Now we have programs like Skype that allow you to save thousands of dollars in travel costs and be face to face with people on the other side of the world. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone now with a camera & email. You can easily take a picture of something and send it to wherever you need to instead of using a fax machine.

Look at developing countries. They have skipped the land line/cable phase of technology. Almost everyone has a mobile phone that can access Skype, YouTube, Google, anything! The internet and therefore income opportunities are everywhere now.

However people choose to making money online, one thing they all share is creativity in how they go about connecting with other humans. Building human to human connections is the cornerstone of business and its one thing that the internet excels at. Any business man worth his salt will tell you a business is dead if it can’t connect with people.

Look at this tweet from Mr. Clean.

Now think back 20 or even just 15 years ago, would a company ever associate themselves with this type of slang or even this kind of joke? No way!

But through the power of the internet, Mr. clean has a better understanding of who their audience is.   They understand how to communicate with them and are able to adapt the language they use. This tweet in question received 1886 re- tweets! Not bad promotion from just one tweet huh?

So what does mean for you? It means that creativity is the only gap between you and making money online. There is a need for pretty much every skill set online. If you’re good at crochet, drawing pictures, playing a sport or whatever, the internet can allow you to monetize your skill if you can figure out how to build connections with people interested in what you have to offer.

Microtask sites like Fiverr allow people the opportunity to offer their own unique services. Places like Youtube can teach you how to make your own websites. Forums are full of knowledgeable people on a certain topic and can offer invaluable information on that area. With a little bit of effort & through the power of collaboration, it’s easy to learn about & become proficient in any subject online.

So where will we be in 10 or even 15 years from now? Will more people take the plunge and try and add some extra income to their pocket through their own business? It certainly is possible.

Millennials are under constant fire for “not wanting to work hard”. This is fine for them because the internet allows you to do what you love and work smartly.

So going forward, and aside from the cat pictures, how will society choose to define how the internet is used? How will our younger generations define their use of the internet? ? How will you define yours?

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