Darkness and Light



The second poem I wrote for my girlfriend, she was going through a very difficult time. I just wanted to let her know I would be there for her.

Darkness and Light

I know you have your demons, lurking deep inside
Dancing below the surface, playing with your mind

But you’re a wonderful person, like no one I’ve ever met
Extraordinary and special, I’ll be forever in your debt

You laugh so hard, love passionate and strong
It’s hard to imagine, anywhere else I could belong

Sometimes I see the torment, in your beautiful face
The weight on your shoulders, the world a dark place

Friends can start to whisper, so you push them all away
But no matter what can happen, I am here to stay

All through the highs and lows, darkness and light
I am always here for you, every day and dark night

We are stronger together; our love will see us through
Life’s not an easy road, but I’ll always be there for you


Johnny 2013

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