Little A in England Chapter Three: Departure Day



Little A prepares to leave the big city and step aboard the big ship

Little A in England

Chapter Three: Departure Day

    Once again, Little A was woken early; this time by Mama who was dressed and saying that it was time to get up and have breakfast. Little A yawned and rolled over but soon remembered that she was in a hotel in New York City – and in a trundle bed! She found Blue Dog under her pillow and stuffed him back into her satchel.

“That’s my girl,” called Daddy from the other side of the big room as he slicked back his hair in front of a mirror. Mama wiped shaving cream from Daddy’s chin. The boys were getting dressed — David couldn’t find any socks.

“They’re in that suitcase honey.” Mama pointed to one of the many pieces of luggage that lay open in a corner of the room.

“Let’s step lively kids – we don’t want to miss the ship!”

The children were all soon dressed and the family were ready to leave by nine o’clock after an early breakfast in the dining room.

   Outside the hotel, Daddy put his hand out to hail a yellow taxi to take the family to the docks, where they would board the ship to England. 

“Well, I declare,” said Mama, as one taxi driver after the other passed the family and their twelve pieces of luggage without stopping. “Did you see that driver? He turned his thumb down at us!” Mama was indignant.

“Dadgummit,” said Daddy. “We’ll miss the boat if one doesn’t stop for us soon.”

David and Dale tried putting their hands out for a taxi without any luck.

“We’ll just have to keep trying.” Daddy put his hand out again as a young taxi driver drove past. “Hey Bud – can you take us to the docks Son? We’ve got a ship to catch.”

The driver slowed down as he looked at the twelve suitcases and five passengers. Mama spoke sweetly to him:

“Please young man – we are in a hurry. We need to get going soon or we’ll miss the ship. My husband and I are taking our children to England.”

“Well…,” The young taxi driver shook his head. “I don’t know how I can fit you and your luggage in…,”

“Please?” Mama held Little A close to her and tried hard to look pitiful.

“Oh alright, I guess I can.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Mama had already opened the door of the cab and was sliding across the back seat with Little A.  The boys piled in with Daddy and the driver somehow managed to cram their luggage in too.


Copyright: Andie Burn 2017

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