Its Your Birthday Dear



Years and life rolls on.New friends, home,children,spouse and family ties we all create,yet, the one everlasting tie that remains with us- through all the thick and thin of life, is that of our siblings and times we spent as children,dusty in the web of time and space but fresh in our memories.



Holding on to my little frail hands, you dear
Tugging my frock frills, jaunting around happily,
Leaping like frogs entertaining selves and else,
You were a part of me, inseparable, long back.

On lazy long summer afternoons when often,
We slipped into fantasy lands of goblin,elves,
Mysteries spooky, in your sparkling eyes I read
The script of the wonderful times your life held.

On stormy nights when the high winds howled,
Thunders shook the trees on our small lawn,
I recall, you clutching on to mamas Nylon saree
Fear reflecting in your face, in the dim candle light.

Today, I ponder bemused, you chase away fears
Of unknown,unseen hands and words insane,
And ghosts of feeble minds- with your sweet talk;
I swell with pride and love for what you became.

Through happy days of plenty and lean times too,
We sisters lived through, never out of stock was love
A caring and guiding world, our dear parents gave us,
You are the most precious gift, they bestowed upon me.

Today years later, its that day once again in our lives
When you stepped into my tiny world, my li'l sister,
With love and laughter,temper, talents and timidness,
You are one bundle of joy and affection, my blessings ever.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy days be yours always!
Happy Birthday my dear sister, Happy be your world.
Happy Birthday to you! This is my humble gift for you!
Happy Birthday my little sister!


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