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Do you ever feel

   The need to keep moving?

To never settle anywhere,

     Traveling until there's nowhere left.

         To wander under a setting sun

And watch the moonlight

 Falling down on uncharted air.

  Just to glide,

                        Despite the danger.

Nothing protecting you,

   No plan,

            No future,

                    No saving grace.

                  Only whether or not you can make it

                               Taking your miles

                                       And building yourself over the whole earth.

                                                     You can run if you want to;

                                                                  Drive somewhere new,

                                                                             Eat where the fire scorches the meat

                                                                                             And never go back~

You have to.

    There's nothing here to see anymore.

You don't even need any money.

   Just walk outside,

 And keep walking,

   And make yourself continue on,

And you'll walk away from the castle you've built.

            The blocks that make the sidewalks

   Are the last great trail.

But it's never where you are,

                     It's where you're going.

You know any choice will be accepted

     If your heart tells the world

You've become truly alive because of it.


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