Forget You Nots



So many Septembers,after our sordid summers,each as precious,and tempestuous,and close to my heart,as the last. I kissed your lips,a thousand times,and you made me cry,a million,and I have cherished a billion smiles,from the lips I loved. I’l...

So many Septembers,
after our sordid summers,
each as precious,
and tempestuous,
and close to my heart,
as the last.

I kissed your lips,
a thousand times,
and you made me cry,
a million,
and I have cherished a billion smiles,
from the lips I loved.

I’ll forget a lot,
in my final days,
as I tend my forget-me-nots,
but you’ll follow me forever,
I’ll be happily haunted,
by the boy I couldn’t forget.

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