Borders...and Fences



When man creates walls that prevent contact with others

Borders ....

And fences...

That is what we build, what we built.

High and thick

Walls of defenses.


To keep me away from you

And you away from me

My hands with ten fingers

Built them

With my five senses.


Iron is more durable than flesh

I know !

Stones are stronger than flesh

I know!

I used build

My offenses.


You move... I move too.

You think, you love, you breath..

I do too..

Why should you pass

Without licenses?


Did you forget

That we resemble ?

We have the same picture..

Look... I am human like you are.

Why building fences and walls ?

Thick distances between us ?

Iron and stone against us ?

Keep you away ?

Keep me away ?

Through walls of nonsenses ??



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