The Myth of Twos



This reflects my mood of the past several days. This, too, shall pass/

Edge of Universe ~ Philip Brent

Not long ago for no sure reason, in silence, I felt completely lost
Why, I could not then and cannot now fathom any meaning here
Arguing the genesis of this dark emotion or mayhap a future cost
Frankly, it worried me, filled me with an unknown, unnamed fear

Where everything I could devise, create, all my thought and hope
Insulted my ears, heart, little more than useless, mindless chatter
Dross and drivel spouted by an aging fool, not given enough rope
Wondering, I pondered if anything I have, do, question can matter

Naked, I stood upon my street corner, clothed merely in confusion
Ever, a tiny bell I rang, clattering pebbles, caroming off a cliff-side
Darkly mirrored in shop windows, poor people passed in profusion
Bare though I was, knew it these dark specters who needed to hide

Puzzled within my hall’s dark, no doors found, walking into walls
There must be some way out, through, yrt all looked closed to me
While I touch my art, furniture, recognizing my feasts, follies, falls
Wandered, confused, less  where to go and more with who to be

Unaware, waffling, not knowing how this sorry state came to pass
Flood waters surge around me as I huddle upon my shrinking roof
No faith, divine intervention to save or damn me, no penitent mass
I’ll jump in any boat or helicopter that comes, not see this as proof

Eyes wide open, blind to all, uncaring they are equally blind to me
Mouth fast-closed against raging storm, winds my horrified scream
Had I not eyes, nor ears, nor mouth, lifeless; I would talk, listen, see
Secret ways to fabled Atlantis below, above the waves I may redeem

No visaged utopia, raised or drowned, darkens remote lost horizon
Dreams alone show where I must prospect, dig, only hope to find
World imperfect, far better than the bed of nails you and I lie upon
Speaking, no conscious volition, thought, goes to tongue from mind

Why seek intermediaries, despite how taught, asides, little white lies
Professing faith purely in goodness, honor, beauty, fortified by truth
Horrors in me, all around me, tell me truth a virtue we have despised
Our actions conflicted with righteous lessons poorly learned in youth

Honestly, let's proclaim, bravely shout only truth, now, always, forever
No savior waits; I tell the worst lies to myself, hide darkness deep inside
Pretend faith in an old, white man lives above the sky, our sins to sever
Ignorant, we choose rampant desecration of our home, where all abide

Rain, I’m told, did surely fall in torrents for endless, countless dreary days
One then created a myth of twos, an utter lie, animals walking up a ramp
Stories we tell ourselves to understand, control, excuse our wicked ways
Mired firmly in childhood, where one who stands atop the hill is champ

Yet around this puny hill, festering swamp grows, sucks us further under
Discouraged, no desire to compete, I rule a far tussock vainly screaming
Throat raw, lungs empty, crying for air, my voice unheard, world asunder
My being allows  no surcease, quest alone my meaning, failures teeming

Far explorers come late to this seared desert; no swamp or sign remains
Blasted barren, empty, wars, won or lost, which perpetually we waged
Look for my bones; aptly you’ll find no more than dark and ashy stains
Here one seen to have tried, found not force or reason as insanity raged

Place a marker, warning epitaph, to tragic passing, a once vibrant race
Who never let itself follow its best instincts, destroying wantonly instead
No thought, philosophy, religion, faith, sacrifice slowed our frenetic pace
Only alien strangers will care, search for artifacts, find reason we are dead

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