The Undead Pool Villain Crump is Donald Trump



Donald Trump inspired me to create Crump for my latest comedy novel.



The Undead Pool is my latest novel and is a spoof on all the superhero comics and movies from the past several decades.  One of the main supervillains in the novel is named Crump, an orangutan wearing a blue business suit.  Crump is Donald Trump.

Back in 2003, Bill Maher made the joke, for the first time, that Donald Trump was a product of his mother having sex with an orangutan. 

"I hope it's not true, but unless he comes up with proof ... I'm willing to offer $5 million to Donald Trump that he can donate to a charity of his choice -- Hair Club for Men; The Institute for Incorrigible Douche-bag-ery. Whatever charity,” Bill Maher told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

Donald Trump turned around and sued Bill Maher making a funny bit turn into a national debate over if Donald Trump was in fact a product of his mother and an orangutan.

What if Donald Trump was killed and his brain then transplanted into an orangutan?  The supervillain Crump was born.  While the Undead Pool is preoccupied battling Zarathustra, Crump drops a large dome over the United States separating it from Mexico and Canada. Yes, the America people have to pay for it.

Here’s an excerpt from the Undead Pool:

“Well, well,” Crump said as he entered the room clapping his hands.  “Nobody knows more about capturing superheroes than Crump.”

“Crump, I’m the superhero and superheroes always win,” Mace explained.

“Do they now?  You three are prisoners, and I’m here on the other side of the bars all safe from you,” Crump said while holding one of his left fingers upward as he spoke. “Believe me.  You three pose no threat to me. I can’t wait to tweet to my followers how easy it was to capture you.”

I had a lot of fun writing the scenes with Crump.  The story shows some of the dangers of having Donald Trump as president.  People are going to love this novel.  Well, maybe not the Trump supporters.  It will only be a matter of time before Donald Trump sues me for my portrayal of Crump in the Undead Pool.

Here’s the official The Undead Pool blurb: 

Superheroes battle the living dead in this hilarious spoof on the comic book universe!

The Undead Pool is a humorous and demented origin story of former mercenary Mace Murdock, who after being subjected to an experiment from the evil clown Zarathustra that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and the hunger for human brains, adopts the alter ego The Undead Pool.  Armed with his new abilities and a twisted sense of humor, he joins forces with superheroes Stable, Psychotic Menacing Schoolgirl and Tigernaut to battle Zarathustra and his zombie clown army.  The comedy never ends in this science fiction and horror parody of every superhero and supervillain that comic book enthusiasts love and hate.

The Undead Pool will be released on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on September 6.

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