Writers Block



When words varnish....Literally.

I am a product of a world dictated

by writers block.

Mental penitentiary, closed doors

in my mind that i encounter.

Crumbling  inspiration, voiceless

words and empty tunes trapped

inside my head.

No train of thought, failure to spin

a rhyme, ideas and thoughts leak

from my depleted mind, exposing

my mental nudity.


Competing words float mid air in

my mind.

Words dislodged from the tip of

my mental inscription stagger like

a drunken man.

Jumbled thoughts, unfinished

sentences,  emotions not yet

explained- waiting to be ascertained

wander all over my deep forest of



Angry verbs and nouns create lyrical

outbursts in my head.

Loud untiring voices, unexpressed

thoughts denied their freedom

create a protest in a bid to be heard.

My mind fails to relay thoughts to

words and my sterile pen and paper

are constantly fighting!

Spilling ink from the nib of my pen,



I roam through the maze in my mind,

breaking the chains and re-establishing

my fleeting connection in words.

Seeking solace in sentences, comfort

in rhymes.

Listening to the silence of my thoughts,

pain in verses, conveying my deepest

emotions and thoughts in a lyrical

journey where words overflow.

Writers block is just an attitude problem

made popular by society.



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