Let Me Hear Your Real Love



Non artificial love.

In the silent pupils of a mother and child

Speeches of eyes, the image of the image captured inside

Two eyelids blink, two others offer a deep place

Where the other can sleep and hide.


No need for the lover to talk,

Needless for words, his presence, essence,

Become the language he never spoke

We travel, hand in hand, and I sit

Near him, needless to have wings, needless to walk.


Say my love's name,

I'll understand,


Like the wind of spring knows the waves

Of lavender- or lilies-covered land,

No need to tell me, I know,

I'm the skin of a grape muttering with the sun

I understand the bursts of my beloved

Like plains know at dawn a new day has begun.


Let me near my love,

And forget we're here,

Let flutes chant between us,

I'll remain silent, like a wheat

Abandoned to the gentle currents,

To the freedom in the palm of my love's hand

To the union between our heartbeats


The shoulders of my love are my pillows

When he breathes , I breathe

Away from me! Unnecessary words!

Unreal !

Near me, my love is silent

My love's eyes are just magnificent

They cover me, and I

In them I hide, I read

I look

I hear.



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