*Halloween In Ozark*



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Roxanne and Richie walked into the small occult bookstore. The bookstore was not accepted by everyone in town, but had its share of regulars and always had more business around this time of year. Roxanne was the first one in and spotted the owner, Rune – tall, fat, and possibly gay, behind the counter.
“Hey Rune. What's up?”
“Roxanne. And with you as always is Richie. That top is hot on you girl. How's it going Richie?”
“Fine I guess. Looking for something to do tomorrow.”
“Tell me about it. This town can be pretty pathetic.”
Roxanne noticed a tray of sample lotions on the counter.
“Ooh, new lotions Rune?”
“Yeah, a friend of mine makes all her own beauty products. I told her she could put her stuff in here if she wanted.”
Roxanne pushed down the dispenser and joked as the lotion squirted into the palm of her hand.
“Oooh, yeah.”
Richie laughed at her. Rune just shook his head.
“You are too much, girl. What are you kids up to for Halloween?”
Richie spoke up as Roxanne worked the lotion into her hands.
“We don't know yet. I hate this town.”
“Oh, I know. Even on holidays. Maybe I'll just get a bottle of wine and head out to that old witch's house. I bet she knows how to have a good time.”
Roxanne’s eyes lit up.
“Is that true?”
“I don't know, I never met her.”
“No, I mean about the house. Did a witch really live there?”
“That's the rumor anyway.”
Richie laughed.
“Oh man, she'd have to be like a hundred years old by now. And you'd want to hang out with her?”
“Well, you know what they say. The older the violin.”
“Oh, no way man, that's gross.”
Roxanne was still intrigued.
“So where is that place anyway?”
“Supposed to be past Glick Park. Supposedly there's an old dirt road that's now overgrown by the woods. Take that a ways down and there she is.”
Roxanne could barely contain her excitement. Before the conversation could continue, a small group of young trick or treaters walked in, each dressed in a cute little Halloween costume. Rune didn't care much for children, but you wouldn't know it by his attitude toward his young guests.
“Hi guys, don't you all look adorable.”
“Trick or treat!”
Roxanne smiled at their collective demand and watched Rune interact with them.
“You know kids, I don't have much of anything for you, ooh wait, here's some incense, that's nice.”
The kids stared up with minimal expression through their masks and outstretched bags.
“You look like a sandalwood man Mummy, and here's some night blooming jasmine for you Werewolf.”
The kids watched the strange items drop into their bags.
“Let's see Mr. Goblin, how about some patchouli for you? There you go, trade amongst yourselves, enjoy.”
The kids looked at each other with a growing sense of confusion apparent, even through their costumes.
“Thank you.”
“You're welcome kids, happy Halloween.”
The kids left and Rune looked at Richie and Roxanne confused.
“I know Halloween is tomorrow, what are they doing out now?”
Richie watched them leave.
“Parents take their kids out early to hit all the shops nowadays. Sorta kills the fun if you ask me.”
“Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't have anything for them tomorrow anyways.”
Roxanne was still thinking about plans for Halloween.
“Anyway, about the witch, we should all go you guys!”
“I'm not going for real. I secured a bottle of Absinthe from the Czech Republic and a bunch of old Boris Karlov films.”
Richie smirked, frustrated with the boring little town.
“Well, sounds like you won't be missing much then.”
“You mean you two don't have some party to go to or something?”
Roxanne spoke up.
“What are you talking about Rune? I am the party.”
Roxanne vogued and did the robot. Richie shook his head. Rune laughed and pointed at her.
“Now that, I'm sure of.”

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