Another dogs perspective



Selling sites, like Gumtree are sadly a place where many unscrupulous dog owners, and those 'people' who enjoy buying and selling dogs for a quick profit or to fight is sickening and sad. I guess this is how the dog may feel

So your favourite TV show was on today
Sorry I got in the way
You like to go out for a few beers you say
Sorry I got in the way
The children pull my ears, poke my eye
I have turned nasty you lie
You do this every day
Sorry I got in the way

Your money is running low
so I have to go, will it be today?
Sorry I got in the way
You are fussing over me now, trying to take a nice picture today
Sorry my misery got in the way
I am another sad face on Gumtree on Christmas day
Sorry I got in the way
Tell me will you think of me?
When you spend the money you earned from my misery?
Well, I will have some good luck today
For there are the nice people on Saving Cavaliers UK
I might have a nice home one day
Sorry I got in your way.

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