St. Patrick's Day Invasion



An alien invasion while our defenses are down.

A solar storm hit Earth early on St. Patrick's Day causing alien-like activity with my smartphone before I killed it for fear of an invasion.

While we're all fisting back the lagers, my suspicions come true. The little green guys, whom we think are leprechauns, invade our bodies through our ear holes. The solar storm, combined with our inebriation, renders our physical and technological defenses useless. Little do these aliens know, once inside the cavity of our bodies, the alcohol defends against any molecular manipulation with their extraterrestrial biological warfare. Failing in their attempt to overtake the human body, they die within us all.

Tomorrow morning, we'll wake to the after effects of their failed take over of Earth, feeling sluggish, dry-mouthed, and nauseated. We will win the battle once we vomit their remains into the toilet and flush them away into the water system.

Score one for Earth and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Author's Note: I was sober when I crafted this short holiday story.

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