Title says it all. In God's economy, NOTHING is wasted.

I have given you the gift of sleepless, chronic pain

From multiple sources I need not name

Also, the gift of words, little ones

To dissect, inspect, reject and erect

Hope is born of testimony

Conjecture is one thing, first-hand knowledge another

You do not have to fill in blanks, with best guesses

Poor, excusive things they are

Falling short, missing entirely

For lack of depth or confidence



No, I have blessed you

With the agonizing certainty and assurance of "sore"

But, have also anointed you with so much more

To convey meaningful thriving, despite the hindrance of pain

Which, despite all its' power, can never  drain

My Spirit; poured out  in abundance to open hands

Poised over the keyboard to see what lands

In their lap

Fill in the gap

With expectation, inspiration

Hidden in diminutive words

My way, given to help you detect

True joy, to be enjoyed, employed

When you least expect

When all else fails


There is a world out there, aching alongside

Open your eyes — open them wide

I have not left you all alone, nor wasted My blessings

Many will identify to all we have known

Hewn and battled for; seconds alone

Struggled and cried for

Wished we had died for

Many to know My comfort and care

That they were not deprived of a soul that dared

Commit private angst and helpless despair to pen

Open your eyes, dry them and then

The curse my gifts appear to be, in your short lifetime

May help countless others down the line

See, I never waste my gifts.




Copyright — 2015 Elaine M. Mullen — "Another Place Entirely" — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris Publishing Corporation              "GreenOgress-Twitter" , Google 


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