Rooi: Riding Hoodie's Revenge



Little Red Riding Hood, re-imagined in a more modern world while using elements of the first variants of the story and with a darker streak.

Ratty burn holes dotted the edges of her red hood, there where the wind had time and time again blown it into the ends her much cherished coffin nails. The coach driver kept saying things to her but she didn't care. Rooi turned her back to him as he babbled and walked out. The driver got louder and shouted vain warnings at her. Rooi didn't listen, Rooi didn't care. The driver shrugged, shut the doors behind her, and drove off once more.


Rooi reached into her pocket and brought out her favorite friends once more as she had so many times before. She tilted back the top, revealing brown filters and their round white tips. With a long red nail she dragged one out and brought it to her nose for a whiff. She pulled the striated white paper along her nostrils and inhaled deeply. Rich tobacco flooded her olfaction, its spicy notes lured her in. Rooi put the tip between her lips and began to do her usual lighter-dance. First she patted left, then she patted right, then behind and then in front. Nowhere proved fruitful. Rooi rolled her eyes, this always happened. She swung her backpack off her back and rummaged through it, frantically. Finally she had it. A transparent purple gem. Without even bothering to put the backpack back on she brought the lighter up and fired up. Blue tinged smoke floated upwards complemented by the much grayer smoke that she exhaled. Both sets dissipated into the cold winter air never to be seen nor smelt again. The wind nearly blew her hood straight into the lit end of the cigarette but she reached out and stopped it just in time. Satisfied, she swung the pack back on and set on her way to grandma's house. A few steps in she jumped and yelped, she'd almost stepped in a freshly lain pile of doodoo. Dog-like but bigger. Her disgusted expression said it all. Thankfully her scarlet shoes missed the shit and disturbed only a fly which feasted thereupon.


The startled yelp awoke Golden Eyes. He rushed stealthily to the bushes and peered through, careful so as not to be seen. A vision of beauty, a delectable delight, stood before him. She jumped to avoid his recent deposit. He didn't care. Instead he began to obsess. He stared at her longingly.


Rooi walked along the road for an unending time. She didn't notice it pass for she was far too engrossed in her shining mobile screen. Ahead of her, up in a tree, was a makeshift hunting stand. Varied scrap planks nailed cruelly to a tall tree. From them someone often dispensed death to woodland creatures. Rooi smiled, this was her grandma's stand. To the right of the tree a path led to the cabin. She made her way to the base of the tree, she tightened her straps and began to climbed it. She soon reached the flat plane high up. She tested it, making sure it would hold her weight, and once she was, she plopped herself down on it. She opened her pack once more and again rummaged through it. This was the perfect place, nobody could see, nobody would hear and more importantly, nobody could smell. She brought out a bag of green from her back and a tatty pack of thin papers. She crushed the sticky green herb between her fingers and filled one of the tiny thin papers. Carefully she rolled it back and forth, forming a cylinder. She set fire to this stick too. She inhaled this one much more deeply though. She loved the feeling of the thick cannabis smoke as it filled her lungs. Like morning tea in a mug, it just hit the spot. She took small tokes, any more and it would be too much for her. Even so she coughed, and hard. The coughs echoed through the forest, despite her efforts to stifle them.


Golden Eyes now watched the hunting stand which had caused him so much pain in the past. He shook his head and snarled quietly. He knew what he would do. He couldn't stop thinking about her. He couldn't stop at all, so he had to have her, one way or another. He rushed to the only cabin of which he knew. The cabin was made of a great many logs and a picturesque thatched roof. He took great care to avoid trees and snapping twigs on his way. Any warning of his approach would eliminate his biggest boon, surprise. He slowed just as he reached the cabin's clearing. He worked his way up silently to foliage's edge once more and peered through. There she was! Not Rooi, but her grandmother! She hung clothes up on an outstretched line, far from axe and further yet from her gun. Golden Eyes dug his rear legs into the ground, making sure that his first leap would be very long indeed. It was. In no time Golden Eyes was at grandma's throat. A second's scream escaped her lips before Golden Eyes managed to pierce her trachea with his sharp fangs. He pressed down hard with his jaws, crushing her throat and her attempted scream. Blood gushed forth, it mottled his fur and stained her gown. Golden Eyes didn't much mind, it was his usual state of affairs.


Rooi finished her joint joyfully. Towards the end of it she began to giggle at each amusing passing thought. A breeze blew her red hood straight into the stubby end of the joint which still glowed red between her lips. Fabric singed quickly, as it always had, melting and deforming into yet another hole with ugly brown edges. Rooi swatted at it making sure it was put out well, she did not wish to catch on fire. She finished her final toke and threw the butt to the forest floor below. She rummaged once more and this time dug out a tiny bottle. Rooi pried her eyelids open and dropped some Visine into each eye to alleviate the doubtless redness. She loved red to be sure, but her grandma always hated bloodshot eyes and whenever Rooi had them she got no hugs at all. Rooi knew she was addicted, but she still missed those cocoa butter kisses. She chucked the little bottle back in and, with greatest care, made her way back down the tall tree. The world was better now, it was brighter, more peaceful, and happier. Rooi knew there was not long until she would spend the day with grandma, and she knew that grandma's chores could be….well….chores. This way it was all much more tolerable. She paused once more at the base of the tree and swung off her oft used backpack. She lit another cigarette, and as the flames licked the shredded tobacco's frayed edges her head lent back in ecstasy. Elated, Rooi set on her way.


Golden Eyes rushed, he'd had to. He had quickly washed grandma's gown and hidden it well away. The bloodstains, though lessened, were still very much visible. He shut it behind her dresser doors. Grandma was a different deal altogether. Golden Eyes undressed her limp body with his teeth, fiercly tearing what cloth remained away. She likely tasty, but certainly not as tasty as Rooi would be so he held out. Instead, wanting Rooi as he did, he decided to prepare her a meal. Unfortunately he lacked thumbs so he could not hew or chops the bones in twain. So instead he tore into grandma with tooth and claw. Her flesh was elastic and ripped, giving way to his forceful pulls. It separated, tearing from the meat around it. Golden Eyes kept biting away at grandma until he had enough. Then he took the pieces into grandma's cabin. In her oven, a roast awaited Rooi. Golden Eyes knew that was not enough so he carefully opened the oven's door with his teeth and pulled out the roast. He threw in the pieces of grandma instead and shut it once more. He dragged the roast and its hot pan out with him, burning his lips on its edge. No matter, he'd have Rooi. He brought the roast next to grandma and began to dig.


Rooi was almost there. She paused to smoke one more cigarette in peace before she saw grandma. She inhaled the smoke deeply, her face was orgasmic. She placed the purple gem-like lighter in her hoodie's front pouch. She pulled out her phone and stared into the its screen once more. Within a few minutes she was done and began to walk down the lane to the cabin. She walked for nigh a mile before she came to the cabin's clearing. She noticed a pile of fresh dirt to one side, she supposed grandma has been digging. What a character. Rooi rolled her eyes and stifled a cannabis induced giggle. She took a few deep breaths, collecting herself, and went into the cabin.


On the table waited a bowl of stew and a glass of a juice most red. Grandma awaited Rooi in her nightgown, the only article which was not drying or imbued one liquid or another. Grandma almost salivated visibly when she saw Rooi. Rooi missed her grandma, she ran up to grandma and hugged her tight. Golden Eyes had to exercise every minute threat of self control he had not to eat her then and there. Instead he just placed his paws around her and hugged her back. His sharp claws rested on her backpack. Rooi held grandma outwards “Oh granny, what big ears you have!” remakred Rooi, quite stoned. “All the better to hear you with” retorted Golden Eyes. “Oh granny, what big eyes you have! I'd never noticed!”. “All the better to see you with dear, now let's have a bite, I made this meal especially for you.” Golden eyes grew tired, he wanted to end this soon. Rooi walked over to the table, grandma came too. They each took a seat. Rooi looked at the red glass suspiciously, “Tomatoes” replied Golden Eyes, always quickwitted. He knew all too well that no tomato had ever come near that glass. Rooi dug in with a “MMMMMMM!”. She rubbed her stomach and relished each bite. She loved the spiced, aged flavor of the meat. It was a little rubbery but the taste was unparalleled. Rooi dug in and ate ferociously. She even had seconds of that sorrowful stew. Golden Eyes said “Darling, I'm growing tired, won't you join me in bed after you finish your drink?”. Rooi nodded vigorously and began to gulp down the crimson liquid. “Grandma, these tomatoes taste like rust!” she said. Golden Eyes told her not to worry. One more great gulp followed, emptying the glass of its contents.. Rooi rubbed her lips clean with her red sleeve. Golden Eyes grew lustful and told Rooi “Sweetie, take off those awful old clothes and throw them in that oven there, I've bought you some new ones, they're just here under these sheets.”. Rooi saw no reason not to oblige so she did. First she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off. They caught slightly on her shapely bottom. The thick denim grazed her smooth creamy thighs as it came down. “Your underwear too dear” chimed in Golden Eyes. So she did. There was only one thing she refused to remove and that was her red hoodie. She shook her head vigorously, no matter the severity of grandma's demands. Eventually Golden Eyes relented, content to have the bottomless Rooi in bed with him. Her thighs brushed past each other as she strode towards the bed, now quite cold from her waist down. Golden Eyes snuck a look at her labia as she climbed into bed, right next to him. This aroused him greatly and he shuffled closer to her.


Rooi felt something press up against her leg. She tried push away what she thought was a misplaced remote with her hand. Instead her fingers found a fabric tent beneath pressed up against her by a stiff rod. Rooi remembered the fresh dug earth and the rusty tomato juice. Rooi felt sick to her stomach as reality occurred to her. Golden Eyes opened his jaws slowly to kiss, her. Rooi pulled away from grandma and said, while trying to hide her fear, “Sorry granny I need to shit bad and I don't want to dirty the bed!”. “Go dear, but come back quick, don't keep granny waiting” muttered Golden Eyes through clenched teeth. Rooi made her way to the toilet and then out the window. She paused for a cigarette and assessed her situation. She was still bottomless, but now outside. This would not do, so she knew what she must. She smoked the cigarette hurriedly so as not to arouse grandmas suspicion. Just then the solution occurred to her. She looked around quick for logs and found some. Straining, she dragged one to the bathroom window, and one to the door, propping each up to block them from opening forever more. Rooi smiled as she reached into her pouch. She knew the other windows were locked, they always were, and she knew that this grandma had no thumbs. Rooi took out her lighter and grinned, looking at its purple body. “GRANDMA” she yelled, now furious. Golden Eyes rose from bed and horror immediately struck his heart as realization set in. Rooi set the edge of the house alight. She'd placed some hay between the logs as kindling and it burned with quite tall flames indeed, they satisfying her vengeful and macabre need. Next she held the lighter to the roof and it too was aflame. Rooi lit one more cigarette off the same and took some safe steps back.


Golden eyes watered as smoke burned them. A thick black wall had formed above him and he could not see. He could feel the room becoming hotter and hotter as the flames approached. Golden Eyes could smell his own fur singe under the extreme heat, a putrid smell indeed. Golden Eyes couldn't cry, so instead he howled, but that too was drowned out the flames' cracks, sizzles and pops. Golden Eyes felt his flesh start to burn away. Outside Rooi just watched, smiling.

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