The sound of my beating heart, no longer muffled around you; a mere suggestion or reflection, enough to start, another journey; hiding among the Tinkers; the dogs released..the Trackers..



The sound of my beating heart

No longer muffled, around you

A mere suggestion, or reflection — enough to start

Another journey

Blissful revelation, where we two

Run and dance before the dogs released, the Trackers

Chasing me and you

Hiding, among the Tinkers

The lower beings on the rung

I never measured, nor guessed the heights

Knowing only, they danced and sung


For pleasure, is for the seizing

And delighting in, for all its' worth

I fall in love, my heart is beating

Never having felt so close to and part of the earth

Our reverie and simple company

Bring us both to great heights

There are those we offend with truth and honor

Propriety doth slight

Those following our scent, the trail we leave

Through the misty forest, we weave

A trail to the Traveler's hideouts

Asking, may we stay the eve

With our newfound friends

No one sends

Recollecting the formalities

Or dictates of R.S.V.P.'s

Not sent, anyway

The dogs, having lost our scent

Somewhere, along the way


Returning home, empty-handed

While ours are full

True love comprehends,

The wisdom of spending time with fools

Wise enough to follow the inclinations of the heart

Not unlike the dogs, our trackers; ignoring their owner's inane rules

So brilliantly removed, from being that "smart"

Kiss me once again, before the sunrise

Awaking so quietly, in your arms

Preferring the company and daydream of Tinkers, such "fools"

Abandoning all pretense, and

Preferring to awake, kissed by morning dew; folded in your charms.



Copyright Pending — 2016 — Elaine M. Mullen — "GreenOgress — Volume II" — Xlibris Publishing Corporation-out soon!


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