In this dangerous climate so many of us have become victims of fear, of mistaken intent, and yes, of racial profiling. As a person of color, I am more likely to be hassled, arrested, or even killed because I am a "perceived threat." My poem "Disturbance," addresses this tragic reality. lmr

I am a disturbance
In nature. I am
Deadly as a category 5
Hurricane. Unpredictable as
Wind, I cry in heavy
Sheets of rain.
I reside inside this
Calm, yet seething
Until you roar and thunder at me,
And then...
I will become
The storm.
I am this
Mysterious mask of
African origin. I am
A man-child running
Wild. I am
Not even seen as
Human.  I am!
I am!

I am this perpetual
Falling from
Blackened eye.
I am a force of sheer
Struggle.  I am
A stifled cry...
'What cry?' you might ask...
The plaintive cry of:  "I... can't...

I am some people's
Darkest fear. I am
The thug, the thief,
The killer, the junkie,
The rapist. I am this devious
Unknown, unarmed suspect. 
I possess a criminal mind.
I am always and at all times
Dangerous.  I am

Cop-bait...  I am
An APB alert!
I am a racial profiler's
Wet dream.
Beware!  Better beware
I am
Known to go berserk.

So... please
Be on the lookout
For me
Holding onto some
Only they imagine ...
Only they perceive.

And I will NOT be as silent as
While others are free to
Defile, lie, invent their
Vile stories about
And  though some may
Want to, or
Even succeed in
Their mission to
Kill me, dead,
In my passing,
In light of this earthly
Millions shall rise up
Multicolored and

And so, it seems
You have
Every right
To beware of me...

"I am the disturbance
in the sea of
your complacency"


copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross
**The quote :"I am the disturbance in the sea of your complacency"  is attributed to the late, great, Muhammad Ali.

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