raiding the larder



about the joy of fairy tales

Raiding the larder

There had been mass outbreak of thefts from the store of fairy tales

And honestly it has nothing to do with me

It was like this if you love a tree too much it will

Come and settle outside your house, the old olive tree by the entrance

Of the road did that blocking the traffic of tractors full of muck.

I had to blink hard three times walk backwards eight times before

The olive tree went back to the entrance of the road taking up the symbolic

Duty as a guard officer.

I can understand the plant the morning was cold and the night colder

There I was the only friendly soul who had saved it sleeping under

Seven duvets that were placed on top of seven mattresses’ sleeping soundly

Thinking my duty was done, but as an old Chinese proverb says if you

Save someone life you are responsible for it your whole life.

It is better to love a small pot plant because it is better to have loved that

Never having loved anything at all.

Little Red Riding Hood looks in she wags her fingers calls me a thief.

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