This poem is very similar to another tribute I wrote for miscarried and aborted babies. This one is for the ones who are born to sickness, suffering and death. God calls these Angels home, man sends many of the others home. But HE opens his arms and shelters them all.

Precious little souls like graceful butterflies,

near us for a moment then taking to the skies.

Wondrous in their beauty and the way they touch our lives,

Enduring every trial with dignity and pride


Rising up to Heaven where Jesus waits to take,

away the pain an suffering and lovingly replace

their cries and fears with heavenly joy, that just for Heaven's sake,

a Father gave his son when Jesus took our place.


No sadness, fear or sorrow. No suffering pain or tears.

No loneliness or anger, no broken hearts are here.

He wipes their eyes with tenderness and heals their every care

for Jesus waits inside the gate to welcome Angels there.





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