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It's hard enough dragging ourselves to work some days without having to deal with crap like this!

Dear Dharma,

I recently started a job at a medical clinic. I am a mid-40’s professional and have an excellent reputation and work ethic.  Not to slam my new job, but it isn’t very challenging; however, I like the better hours and the fact that it allows me to have more of a life outside of the workplace.

As soon as I started, I began having problems with my co-worker. She is young (this is her first job) and has been employed here 6 months longer than me.

She was assigned to train me and I had no problem at all with this. She has very good work ethic and is very knowledgeable. This job is not difficult but after 7 months she is still monitoring my every move. I frequently discover her going through my patient files to see what I am doing and she snoops through my office when I am away. She is on my case about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

As an example, once I signed documents with a dark blue pen and she had a talk with me because she feels that black ink is better.  Another time she said “When you are talking with your patients you NEED to make SURE that you get their health care number”. This is part of our standard operating procedure and something that I have never once failed to do, but to someone overhearing this it sounds like I frequently forget to obtain this information.

I could brush it off and find the humour in it if it was just between us, but it is not. She often “discusses” things with me in front of other staff members. These are NOT things I am doing wrong and need to be corrected or shown the proper method. These are things I am doing correctly, but she presents it in such a way that it sounds like I am making mistakes.

She does this daily and it is really undermining my reputation!  Worst of all, when I respond that I AM doing things just as she said then it sounds like I am trying to cover my butt. I get the sick feeling that my co-workers view me as incompetent based on these comments and there is no one here that does the same job or reviews our work so this impression is very harmful to my day to day office existence.  What can I do before my reputation with this company is shot?

Not Nurse Ratched

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