I Will Not Be Broken -gypsyroses



About overcoming a life crisis

I don't know why we ever started,
except that it was what you wanted.
But now it is time that I departed
on a road that I have charted.

I tried to fight and make a stand,
but it's time to let it rest.
My feelings you didn't want to understand,
so moving on is best.

With the rain on the window,
the miles are passing fast.
I keep looking for a rainbow,
but the rain just seems to last.

The days are gradually passing
on my broken dreams.
Though hurt rest everlasting
on this shattered heart it seems.

I'll stay on the road I've chosen
and face all my fears.
I will not be broken
I've come too far in these years.

-Alesia Leach © 02/1986

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