The Other Side



Dedicated to the good in all of us because it really does exist. A preview from the Inspirational Poetry Book 'For The Love Of I'

There is good inside me
And I have learnt to show it
There is beauty inside me
And I have learnt to accept it
There is love inside me
And I have learnt to share it

Good people fill this world
And I now attract them
Great experiences await
And I now explore them
Abundance is my birthright
And I have claimed it all

Beauty all around me
Clearer than the dawn light
Power lies within me
Awaits my awareness
Amazing things are found
If only I seek them

Make of this what you will
Your reality thus
Not because it is true
So it is just to you
For your world you create
Your state of mind dictates

Immense freedom of choice
Always you have a voice
To influence within you
That which is without you
Right now with no excuse
Is when you get to choose

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