Unicorn & Phoenix!!!



Most people are looking for Unicorns. I'm a phoenix though, not fitting in their criteria.

A unique Name,
The brightest of all,
A magic so deep,
It’s respected around the world,
The beauty personified,
The purest of pure,
The one you can show off,
For it’s beauty and grace,
The prized possession,
One at a perfect place.
Yes, I know,
This is who you want,
A unicorn.
I’m not the one though,
My magic is deep,
Respected above all,
My struggles are complex,
I’m not a pretty doll.
But a Warrior,
And I fight to win,
Yes I lose sometimes,
And spend time in dark,
Thinking over it,
Rebuilding myself,
But you know what,
I rise again,
From the ashes,
For I am the Phoenix!!!


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