Spanish Dancer



A memory of Flamenco...

Spanish dancer

In the night

Angry delight

Stamps her feet

In release

Hands clapping

Fingers snapping

Power of red


Frenzied in twirl

Pounding the slumber

Of ‘la gata’

Catching thought

In her hands


Clap clap


Swirling cloth

Of apron sown

Eyes of danger


Golden brown

Silken skin

Raven hair

In flowers combed

Ebony eyes

Straight ahead

Fires up

Yet again

Pounding descends


Clap clap


Tambourine – guitar

Jingle in air

Andalusia resounds


Please the crowd

Awe stricken

Inferno blaze

Passion and zeal

In gusto prepared


Clap clap

The crowd ensnared…









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